"Twisted Pink" to Support Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

A new Louisville-based fund raising organization, Twisted Pink, was recently created to support research on metastatic breast cancer.  Twisted Pink is a 100% volunteer-driven organization with a mission to cure breast cancer through funding research on metastatic breast cancer and engaging the community to help meet its goals.

Their founder, Caroline Johnson, was one month shy of her 40th birthday when she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in June 2013. A year of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and continued hormone therapy for estrogen positive breast cancer was accompanied by participating in many community awareness and education events surrounding breast cancer.  Caroline learned that most organizations raising money for a cure were donating only 25% to research and 75% to awareness and education programs.  After several friends were diagnosed with stage IV cancer, she decided to take action. In the US, it is estimated that only 2-3% of the 25% going to breast cancer research is directed to stage IV research.  Twisted Pink was formed in June 2014 to change these statistics by partnering with highly translational research institutions that are conducting research to cure metastatic breast cancer.

Twisted Pink's focus on funding translational research that can directly impact stage IV breast cancer patients was highlighted in the linked October 16, 2014 issue of the Village Tribune.  Deputy Director Dr. Jason Chesney said, "Twisted Pink's strategic decision to fund laboratory studies that are one step away from clinical trials will have a huge impact on our ability to translate great ideas into life-saving cures."  Caroline Johnson and her close friend Lara MacGregor toured the Brown Cancer Center research labs of Drs. Chesney and Yoannis Imbert-Fernandez who are collaborating with medical oncologist Dr. Beth Riley to  develop new treatments for breast cancer (see adjacent picture).  This group's current goals are to improve the efficacy of anti-estrogen agents for stage IV breast cancer patients using a drug, PFK-158, recently developed at the Brown Cancer Center and undergoing phase I trial testing.  Twisted Pink plans to support such research translational research projects that may have a direct impact on patients who are suffering with stage IV breast cancer.